Our headquarters are located at 256 Landa Street.  We are open year round Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (we will expand these hours as we get closer to the elections  At Headquarters, you can register to vote, find out about upcoming elections, find out about current issues, connect with like minded citizens, find out about upcoming events, and get the latest signs and election hats and shirts.

Thanks to the many donors who contributed 10 ,989  meals and other items to the New Braunfels food bank.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee for Comal County Republican Party consists of the County Chair, Sue Piner, pictured to the right (or below) and the Republican Precinct Chairs for for each precinct, listed at the bottom of this page.
The officers are:

Sue Piner, County Chair
Susan Walker, Vice Chair
Don Johnson, Treasurer
Judith Walker, Secretary
LaFawn Thompson, Chaplain

Precinct Chairs For Comal County

Click on the map above for a larger image.

The only elected official in the precinct is the Precinct Chair.  The precinct is the smallest unit of the Republican Party in Texas; however, it is the most essential unit. It is here, at the grassroots level, that voters are identified and turned out on Election Day.

The duties of the Precinct Chair includes:

  • Getting People In Your Precinct Involved
  • Identifying Voters
  • Registering Voters
  • Informing Voters
  • Turning Out Voters

On of the best ways to get involved with the Republican Party is to contact your Precinct Chair and offer to help organize the voters in your precinct.  You can contact your Precinct Chair by sending a message on the Contact Page.

Precinct # 101 Sharon Hall Monge
Precinct # 102 Kacy Sisk
Precinct # 103 Laura Buske
Precinct # 104 Haskell Hart
Precinct # 105 Ernie Lee
Precinct # 106 Chris Byrd
Precinct # 107 Anita Valdez
Precinct # 108 Albert Highfield

Precinct # 201 Mike Penshorne
Precinct # 202 Sharlene Fey
Precinct # 203 Hoss Boyd
Precinct # 204 Marlin Brown
Precinct # 205 Steven White
Precinct # 206 Richard “Tex” Hall
Precinct # 207 John Brewer
Precinct # 208 Joanne Martin

Precinct # 301 Will Moravits
Precinct # 302 Mary Lou Erben
Precinct # 303 Cheryl Jacobs
Precinct # 304 Amanda Ackerman
Precinct # 305 LaFawn Thompson
Precinct # 306 Barbara Harrell

Precinct # 401 Robbie Borchers
Precinct # 402 Melinda Rapp
Precinct # 403 Don Johnson
Precinct # 404 Teri Taylor
Precinct # 405 Molly Vogt
Precinct # 406 Joe Carroll
Precinct # 407 Susan Walker

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