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State Convention Wrap Up by our Comal County Chairman

Welcome back home to all the Delegates and Alternates that attended our Republican State Convention in San Antonio. I want to extend a big Thank You to each of you for devoting your time to attending and staying during the long sessions to elect our Republican Party leaders, both locally and state level, and the Credentials, Rules, Legislative Priorities, Platform and Resolutions, and State Nominations committees. Most importantly, thank you for helping us select our delegates and alternates to the National Convention as well as our especially important Elector. Congratulations to National Delegate Naomi Narvaiz, Precinct 306, and National Alternate Orlando Dona, Precinct 207, for being elected to the National Convention. We will be waiting to hear about your experience. 

All the volunteers that assisted without hesitation are definitely appreciated. I know those early morning volunteer times were not the easiest to do, but I was glad to hear that other county delegates wished their counties were managing check in the same way. Checking in alternates was another major task that was competently accomplished daily. Precinct chairs did their part by knowing their number of voting delegates for all the many votes throughout the convention. The volunteers that worked at the CRC and Grassroots Club booths for the RPT provided excellent service answering all sorts of questions. They informed attendees about the Grassroots Club of the RPT, plus driving in everyday to San Antonio. Overall, we had the best volunteers that were dedicated to ensuring Comal was efficient. We could not have asked for a better representation from Comal County.

We also have a complete list of all attendees from Comal County that attended the convention. This will be of significant use for future conventions. Thank you for signing numerous row lists.

I want to extend my sincere condolences to our SD 25 SREC Committeewoman Naomi Narvaiz and Committeeman Chris Byrd who has represented and served us compassionately throughout their term. We wish you well on your bright future ahead and know you will continue to advocate for what matters most to you.

Overall, we had a great convention and worked as a united team. Now, on to informing our voters and working towards the November election with Trump as our President with Get Out The Vote campaigns. The Comal County Republican Party looks forward to working with the RPT and our new SD 25 SREC Committeewoman Lucy Trainor and Committeeman Mike Wheeler.


Mark Montgomery                                                                                                Chairman

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