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Primary Candidates

Click on the images to go to the candidate website, if available.  Candidates listed in order of ballot draw.

U.S. Representative - District 21

Precincts 101-110, 203-208, 301,303,305,307,308, 401-408

Robert Lowry
Michael French
Chip Roy - Incumbent
Dana Zavorka

U.S. Representative - District 35

Precincts 201, 202, 302, 304, 306

Dan Sawatzki
Sam Montoya
Janai Aragona
Alejandro Ledezma
Bill Condict
Michael Rodriguez
Marilyn Jackson
Jennifer Sundt
Dan McQueen
ASA George Kent Palagi


All Precincts

Danny Harrison
Allen B. West
Paul Belew
Don Huffines
Chad Prather
Greg Abbott - Incumbent
Rick Perry - Not the Former Governor
Kandy Kaye Horn

Lieutenant Governor

All Precincts

Zach Vance
Trayce Bradford
Aaron Sorrells
Daniel Miller
Todd M. Bullis
Dan Patrick - Incumbent

Attorney General

All Precincts

George P. Bush
Louie Gohmert
Eva Guzman
Ken Paxton - Incumbent

Comptroller of Public Accounts

All Precincts

Glenn Hegar - Incumbent
Mark Goloby

Commissioner of the General Land Office

All Precincts

Ben Armenta
Don Minton
Dawn Buckingham
Victor Avila
Jon Spiers
Tim Westley
Weston Martinez
Rufus Lopez

Commissioner of Agriculture

All Precincts

James White
Carey A. Counsil
Sid Miller - Incumbent

Railroad Commissioner 2

All Precincts

Sarah Stogner
Wayne Christian - Incumbent
Dawayne Tipton
Tim Slocum Jr.
Marvin (Sage) Summers

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3

All Precincts

Debra Lehrmann - Incumbent

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 5

All Precincts

Rebecca Huddle - Incumbent

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 9

All Precincts

David J. Schenk
Evan Young - Incumbent

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2

All Precincts

Mary Lou Keel - Incumbent

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5

All Precincts

Clint A Morgan
Scott Walker - Incumbent

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6

All Precincts

Jesse McClure

Member, State Board of Education, District 10

All Precincts

Tom Maynard

State Senator, District 25

All Precincts

Donna Campbell - Incumbent
Channon Cain

State Representative District 73

All Precincts

Barron Casteel
George Green
Carrie Isaac

Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 4

All Precincts

Lesli R. Fitzpatrick

District Judge, 207th Judicial District

All Precincts

Tracie Wright-Reneau
Charmain Wilde
George Carroll
Mark E. Cusack

District Judge, 274th Judicial District

All Precincts

Gary L. Steel - Incumbent

District Judge, 466th Judicial District

All Precincts

Stephanie Bascon - Incumbent

Comal County Criminal District Attorney

All Precincts

Jennifer Ann Owens Tharp - Incumbent

Comal County Judge

All Precincts

Sherman Karuse - Incumbent

County Court at Law No. 1

All Precincts

Marilee D. Hazel
Randy Gray - Incumbent

District Clerk

All Precincts

Heather N. Kellar - Incumbent

County Clerk

All Precincts

Bobbie Koepp

County Treasurer

All Precincts

Renee L. Couch - Incumbent

County Commissioner Precinct 2

Precincts 201-208

Scott Haag - Incumbent

County Commissioner Precinct 4

Precincts 401-408

Jan Crownover - Incumbent

Justice of the Peace Precinct 1

Precincts 101-110

Tom Clark - Incumbent

Justice of the Peace Precinct 2

Precincts 201-208

James Walker - Incumbent

Justice of the Peace Precinct 3

Precincts 301-308

Michael Rust - Incumbent

Justice of the Peace Precinct 4

Precincts 401-408

Michael Britt
Ashley R. Evans

Republican County Chair

All Precincts

Sue Piner - Incumbent
Keith Lopez
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