Precinct Conventions
March 9, 2024

After the primary, we will hold smaller meeting at each precinct across the state.  At the Precinct Convention we can have our voices heard through Resolutions.  

A resolution is a formal statement or expression of an opinion  presented to the convention. Resolutions may eventually become part of the Party’s platform, Rules, or Legislative Priorities. You will need to bring three (3) copies of any proposed resolution to your precinct convention. Click here to see a Sample Resolution.

If you want to add to or change the Platform, it is a good idea to be familiar with the platform.  Although the “Whereas” clauses in a resolution are unnecessary, they can be helpful to direct the platform committee to the part of the platform you want to add to or change.  For example, you might want to add a resolution on abortion, you can state, “Whereas Article 36 of the our Platform urges lawmakers to enact legislation afford the unborn equal protection under the law”, then you could urge adoption of a platform that would urge lawmakers to enact a Constitutional Amendment affording the unborn equal protection under the law.

Make your resolution simple and easy to understand.  The more complicated it is, the less likely that it will make it out of the Resolutions Committee.  Remember, think statewide resolutions.  Resolutions affecting only Comal County will likely not go beyond the County Convention.

At your precinct convention, you will also elect delegates to the County Convention.  

Listed to the right or below (if you are on a mobile platform) are the locations of the Precinct Conventions in Comal County. All Precinct Conventions will be on March 9, 2024.

To participate in your precinct convention, vote in the Republican primary or bring a Certificate of Affiliation to your precinct convention.

Precinct 101, 103, 201, 301, 302, 308 – 10 AM

Comal County GOP HQ.
265 Landa
New Braunfels

Precinct 104, 108, 402 – 10 AM
Grace Bible Church
1101 Triple Peak Dr
Canyon Lake

Precinct 107 – 10 AM
Vintage Oaks Amen Ctr
1250 Via Principale
New Braunfels

Precinct 305, 306, 404, 406 – 9 AM
Gruene Methodist Church
Annex (by the basketball court)
2629 Common
New Braunfels

Precinct 105 – 10 AM
Canyon Spgs Resort CH
691 Canyon Spgs
Canyon Lake

Precinct 205 – 10 AM
City of Garden Ridge Com Ctr
Bluebonnet Room
9400 Municipal Pkwy
Garden Ridge

Precinct 102, 106, 109, 110, 204, 206, 208, 405 – 10 AM
Bulverde Baptist Church
1331 Bulverde Rd

Precinct 303, 304, 307 – 10 AM
NB Christian Church
Fellowship Hall
734 N Loop 337
New Braunfels

Precinct 401 – 10 AM
Pinnacle at Eden Hill
631 Lakeview
Town Hall Rm
New Braunfels

Precinct 202, 203, 207 – 10 AM
Christ our King Anglican Church
115 Kings Way
New Braunfels

Precinct 403, 408
Mystic Shrs Comm Ctr
Balcones Rm
25801 Mystic Pkwy
Spring Branch

Precinct 407
River Chase Clubhouse
436 Riv Chs Way
New Braunfels

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