Comal County Republican Convention
March 23, 2024 - 10 AM

At the Comal Republican County Convention, we will set the rules by which the convention will operate. We will be able to vote on resolutions the committees have worked on. Then we will elect delegates and alternates to the Texas State Convention.

The Comal County Convention will be held on March 23, 2022 beginning at 10 AM.  The Convention will take most of the day and we will serve a light lunch to delegates.

The convention will be held at First Protestant Church 172 W. Coll Street, New Braunfels.

Temporary Convention Committees

In order for the Convention to take place, a great deal of planning has to occur. The committees listed below are designed to provide preliminary planning necessary to conduct the convention. A contact form is provided below to allow you to contact the chairs of each Committee.


This Committee has secured the location of the Convention, provided for seating of delegates and others who may be attending the convention, and made arrangements for the snack items and light lunch that will be provided for the delegates. The following are the Committee members.

Susan Walker, Chair
Al Highfield
Vicki Highfield
Naomi Narvaiz
Patty Kirk-Trimble


This Committee has made arrangements to provide security to the Convention delegates and and anyone else attending the convention.

Donna Lee, Chair
Marty Hiles
Gregory Irvine
Ernie Lee
Doug Leecock
Will Moravits
Emanual Valdez


This committee shall hear any contest concerning delegates and shall
recommend the Permanent Roll of the Convention.

John Brewer, Chair
Joanne Martin
James (Boss) Boyd
John Walker
Kathy Phillips


This committee shall recommend the Supplemental Rules for the

Jeanne Slupik, Chair
Barbara Harrell
Naomi Narvaiz
Patrick Seiler
Suzanne Lindergren

The Convention is governed by the RPT Rules.  The Temporary Rules Committee will recommend Supplementary Rules for this Convention.

Permanent Organization

This committee shall recommend permanent officers of
the convention from among the delegates present.

Joe Carroll, Chair
Teri Taylor
Teresa Pick
Marlin Brown
Barbara Harrell


This committee shall conduct preliminary deliberations for the
purpose of making recommendations to the Permanent Resolutions Committee.

Marty Hiles, Chair
Cari Gray
Mark Moseley
Lori Granados
Kenneth Kaspar
Chris Suchil

The Temporary Resolution Committee will meet at 4:00 PM on Friday, March 22 to finalize report to the Convention.  The meeting will be at Comal County Republican Party Headquarters, 265 Linda Street, New Braunfels.


This committee shall conduct preliminary deliberations for the
purpose of making recommendations to the Permanent Nominations Committee.

Mary Wohl, Chair
Regina McDaniel
Kaci Sisk
Al Highfield
Carolyn Besselman
Anita Valdez
Teresa Pick
Sonja Harris


For more information about the Texas GOP Convention, click here.

What is a Convention

It’s a place for people who vote in the Republican Primary election, or affiliate with the party to define our shared beliefs and to determine how we will promote them. We do this by creating a platform and by setting rules and electing people to run the party between conventions.

Who can attend a Convention?

Anyone who is a registered voter, who has affiliated with the Republican Party, either by voting in the Party Primary or by taking an oath of affiliation (forms will be available at the Precinct Convention). You can only affiliate with one party during each election year.

What is a delegate?

Delegates are grassroots Republicans who participate in the shaping of the Republican Party, its role, and its direction regarding public policy. They volunteer and are chosen by their districts to attend the party’s conventions in each even-numbered year.

Step 1: Precinct Conventions

When and where: Comal County 2024 Precinct Conventions will be held on March 9 at the places and times listed here.

What to expect: If you are a registered voter and affiliated with the Republican Party, you can participate in this convention. You can introduce and vote on resolutions. Then elect delegates and alternates to the next convention level.

Step 2: Comal County Convention

When and where: Comal County Convention will be held on March 23, 2024 at 10 AM at the First Protestant Church, 172 W, Coll Street. You can become a delegate to the County Convention by being elected as a delegate at  the Precinct Convention.

What to expect: Comal County will be posting on the website a list of the chair and members of each committee prior to the County Convention.  You can visit committee meetings and let them know what issues are important to you. At the convention, you’ll set the rules by which the convention will operate. You will be able to vote on resolutions the committees have worked on. Then you’ll elect delegates and alternates to the state convention level. 

Step 3: State Convention

When and where: This convention will be held in San Antonio from May 20th-25th. Committees will meet beginning May 20th.  General Session and Caucuses will meet May 23rd-25th. Please check for convention details.

What to expect: You will be able to testify before the committees on issues you care about, vote on the platform that will state the beliefs of the Party, vote on the rules that will steer the Party, elect the State Chair, State Vice-chair and your State Republican Committeeman and Committeewoman that will serve the next two years. You will also elect the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman, and elect National Delegates, and Electors. 

Why become a delegate to a Convention?

Because you will have an instrumental role in shaping the beliefs of the Party and determining the methods of implementation in public policy.

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